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Cluck & Squeal - Tasty Hot

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USAGE & TIPS: Created “tasty” before “hot” so you can “spike to taste,” adding the kick of your choice to your favourite foods. Your taste buds won’t be overwhelmed, but they will remember the difference. Tasty Hot brings the rich chili pepper heat to any sauce, chili, or salsa. It can also be used in the preparation of any meat dish as the ingredient that will make the meal sing to those who like it hot. Marc Cardinali prides himself on using only clean, well-made ingredients. This product contains one pure natural ingredient. Marc concentrated on not overwhelming the taste buds. Tasty Hot heat warms the back of the mouth and enriches each meal the way pepper-lovers enjoy it.

WE LOVE IT ON: Everything!!! This product is designed to compliment the existing Cluck and Squeal line up but it can be added directly to food. It adds to the flavours you already enjoy, while not masking your taste buds with unbearable heat. Use a little or a lot, it's up to you.