Pricing, Orders & Delivery


All of our pricing on our website for items that are sold by the pound are approximate. Prices are based on average weight to give an approximate total cost. Once you place your order we will start to put it together and weigh the items that are priced per pound. We will adjust order as needed to reflect accurate weights. Credit cards will not be processed until we adjust total, if any pricing is different than you thought and you wish to cancel items we can process a refund or you can choose to pay by e-transfer and you can review final invoice before sending transfer.


Once you place your order it will be sent to us to be packed. Orders will be fulfilled next day as we make orders in the mornings. We will put your order together and send over an updated invoice with accurate weights. Once you receive your updated invoice your order will be ready to be picked up at the farm store. Orders can be picked up between 9:00am-7:00pm. If you have any questions regarding pick up please contact us directly. 


* coming soon *