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The Ultimate Protein Sampler

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The ULTIMATE SAMPLER - this package contains a mix of our berkshire pork, grass-fed beef & pasture raised chicken. Gotta love it! Perfect for the carnivore that likes a mix of proteins to fill their freezer!


Our ultimate sample includes a mix of all our products! Included in the package is 4 x 1lb packs of ground beef, 2 x 1lb packs of stew beef, 1 pack of 4 burgers, 2 sirloin tip steaks, 1 beef shoulder roast, 2 x 1lb packs of ground pork, 2 packs of centre cut pork chops, 1 picnic roast, 2 packs of sausages (mild Italian & breakfast), 1 smoked ham roast, 1 pack of 4 chicken burgers, 2 packs of chicken breast, 2 packs of 3 drumsticks, 1 whole chicken

Some substitutions available - sirloin steaks for sirloin tip steaks, end cut pork chops for centre cut pork chops, blade or round roast for shoulder roast, butt roast for picnic roast, ham roast for ham steaks, sausage varieties

Please contact us for substitutions. No other substitutions