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Oink Butter - Head to Toe Body Cream by Better Alternative Skincare

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Made with our own lard from our berkshire pigs and other all natural ingredients by Better Alternative Skincare these beautifully scented and nourishing creams not only feel great but are so good for your skin. Go back to the basics before all the unnecessary additives made their way into our skincare. Pair with a bar of our all natural lard soaps for soft, moisturized skin all winter long!


Scents & Ingredients

Holiday Spice: organic castor oil, lard, organic arrow root powder, organic essential oils; orange, spearmint, cinnamon bark, sandalwood, clove, frankincense

The Classic: Lemon Lavender - lard, organic castor oil, organic essential oils; lavender, lemon

Springtime: Organic castor oil, lard, organic essential oils; grapefruit, spearmint, geranium